Are you familiar with the idea behind click funnels in digital marketing? Over the past 12 months, a new tool called ClickFunnels has taken over the internet. Read on to find out how click funnels can help you improve the scope of your online marketing or online business.

The basic idea behind click funnels is to enhance sales and marketing. When you talk about sales funnels, they are a digital idea to improve business promotion. Sales funnels work on the provision of a solution for the customer problem.

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It is obvious that you need to know about the problem before you provide the solution, If you compare click funnels with other sales funnel options, it is definitely better. Here are 7 reasons why click funnels is a better option than other sales funnels.

1. Amazing landing pages to get more sales

When it comes to online marketing and promotion, pitching successfully to the maximum people is the key. This is not possible until you have a strong online marketing method. Through click funnels, you can get exposure for a digital marketing service by numerous people by designing amazing landing pages. The key point is that with click funnels, your online service would be displayed to several people at the same time.

  • Click Funnels is the best marketing funnel as it allows you to promote products and services to unlimited people at the same time through the finest landing pages. These pages act as strong promotion options to get maximum customer attention in a quick manner.
  • With click funnels, you can design landing pages which are very similar to a website but you do not have to pay high costs to web developers. Landing pages promote the key links of your website without any advertisements. They are designed by a team of creative writers and designers to promote sales and get the needed customer attention.
  • When it comes to landing pages, the simpler they are, the better it is for the company. Landing pages do not need to comprise of heavy animation to get customer attention.

A fact is that simpler landing pages help in getting more online exposure. Through click funnels, templates that have been used successfully in the past to design highly successfully landing pages are used. These templates have helped companies in earning large sums of money in the past.

Along with that, there is a backend monitoring through which the actions being taken on your landing page are monitored. Click funnels is an amazing sales funnel option that helps in improving landing pages to produce better results.

2. Webinars

A lot of people who do not belong to the IT industry do not have a clear idea of webinars. A webinar is a web seminar in which several participants take part globally. Through click funnel, you can use webinars as an amazing option to get online exposure.

  • Webinars prove to be a much stronger option than landing pages. With the webinar feature of click funnels, you can make things more personalized. You can record a video of your own self, deliver a presentation or record a lecture.

This has a stronger impact than a simple landing page because the concept is more personalized.  In other words, webinars allow you to promote your products/services in a more effective manner.

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3. Effective Email Lead Capturing

7 Reasons Why Clickfunnels Are The Best Sales And Marketing Funnels

Click Funnel helps you in capturing leads which then result in better conversion rates.  The conversion rates can improve when you know about the preferences of the customer.

The details can be attained when the customer enters his / her contact details for free consultation purposes. With click funnel, you can get the best results for email lead capturing.

  • Through click funnels, you can get critical data based on user preferences. This data helps you in designing pages according to user needs. In a nutshell, email lead capturing is a very helpful method that can be used to get more traffic and online customers.

4. Better Customer conversions

Click funnel is not rated as the best marketing funnel without a reason. There are various factors which make it a better option than other sales funnel options. One of them is the improved conversion rate that it offers.

  • Tracking the previous purchases helps you in a major way when it comes to increasing conversions and generating more sales. Click funnel is a state of the art marketing funnel that allows you to get all the key details of customer preferences.
  • Some of the key details which can be gathered include gross sales, earnings per clicks and page views. There is no doubt that these details help in improving in an overall manner. Using click funnel, you can go through the buying history of the customer and then make the improvements that are needed.
  • Going through important factors related to the buying pattern of the customer helps on a major scale.
  • At times, even making basic changes can cause major improvements in the conversion rate. To start with, at times, even changing buttons, color scheme and other basic parameters can have a major effect. By using click funnel, you can make these changes and improve the overall rate of conversion.

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5. Save both time and money

If you think that building a sales funnel from the start is an easy process, you need to correct your perception. The development cost is quite high and you need to find elite developers to do the job for you.

By using landing page software, you can get the same results without spending the same sum of money. This is what click funnel does for you. In addition to that, you do not need to spend investments and money on building a sales funnel from the start. By using click funnels, you can get an amazingly high conversion rate and that too without emptying your pockets.

  • Getting a sales funnel developed from the start is an expensive option by all means. You need to hire technical resources to get the development done. Along with that, you have to recruit designers and copywriters as well. In an overall manner, this is a highly expensive option. Comparatively, using click funnel saves both money and time.

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6. Improvement of the engagement level of the  audience

Click funnel helps you engage with your audience in a better manner. When going through the preferences they have, it becomes easier to make the changes that can enhance the number of conversions.

  • More conversions mean more sales. To improve the rate of conversions and get more online exposure, you need to know your weak areas. In other words, you have to engage with the audience in a better manner. Understand the requirements they have so that you can make the needed changes accordingly.
  • With click funnel, you can add videos, change color schemes, change buttons and make several other modifications based on customer trends.

 7. Average cart Value and Brand awareness

How do you know that your brand is getting enough sales or not? Is there a metric to determine the rate of conversions? One of the methods that can be used is determining the Average Cart Value (ACV).

ACV provides you with the purchases being made by users. In other words, you are able to determine the money that people are spending to buy your products/services.

  • Click Funnel is a powerful and economical sales funnel that helps you in improving the ACV rates. If you want to improve your cart value, you can do it with click funnel. To start with, monitor the ACV rate on an average scale. How much are people willing to spend? What kinds of purchases are being made?
  • Once you have monitored the ACV for a specific time span, it is time to turn to the improvements. Adding logos and videos is one way to improve the conversion rate. When you improve the landing page visually, the rate of conversion would increase automatically. This would obviously improve your sales volumes.

In a nutshell, ACV is a key measurement metric that can help you with better conversion rates. Click Funnel is one of the optimum sales funnel offering this feature.

Creating brand awareness is important if you want more people to know about your online presence. Why would people choose your services if they do not know much about your brand? Click Funnel can help you with this task.

When you had a quality landing page with complete information, more visitors would be interested in viewing it. Brand promotion obviously improves the level of brand awareness.

  • Adding logos or changing the color scheme are two of the many alternatives which can help you with more conversions. However, you need to have technical sources equipped with HTML and CSS to make these changes as per need basis.


In an overall manner, click funnel can take your brand popularity to a completely different level and that too without extracting large sums of money. For instance, there is no need to hire expensive development resources and pay them for developing a website. Using click funnel, you can achieve the same goal by using landing pages. After you study the buying patterns and analyze them using different metrics, you would know what kind of tweaking has to be done for better conversions.

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