Yes! Why Tai Lopez’s SMMA is the best opportunity right now? Tai Lopez just launched a new version of his Social Media Marketing Agency Program as SMMA 2.0.

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Do you want to start your own social media marketing agency to make money with digital marketing? Do you want to become a PRO social media marketer?

Are you already doing digital marketing but not satisfied with your income and lifestyle?

Do you want to skyrocket your social media marketing income and become a social media expert?

Then you are at the right place at the right time!

Welcome to our all-new article about Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency program which is also known as SMMA. Recently, He launched SMMA 2.0 by adding more content, teaching materials plus lots of bonuses for you at the same price.

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Now, Let’s dive in…

Here are the Seven Reasons WHY Tai’s SMMA is the Best Opportunity Right Now!

1. E-Commerce Is Growing Rapidly

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 1

Day by day E-commerce is taking massive growth around the globe. As per Shopify’s article total worldwide, e-commerce sales are going to touch 2.8 Trillion US Dollars in the year 2018. As per this growth rate, it will be 3.3,3.9 and 4.5 Trillion US Dollars in year 2019,2020 and 2021 respectively.

Now, if we take a look at the statistic about digital marketing statistic then it is saying that…

  • In the year 2018, digital ad spending is going to reach 236.77 billion us dollars which were 208.82 billion us dollars in the year 2017.
  • As per future prediction, it will be around 264 billion US dollars in the year 2019.
  • So further it will grow 291.25 and 319.4 billion US dollars respectively in the year 2020 and 2021.

Remarkably, how it will be if you take an advantage of this opportunity and start your own social media marketing agency? About which you may be thinking now.

That’s where Tai Lopez come in the picture.

2. Tai Is One Of The Most Successful Social Media Marketers.

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 2

You may know him definitely, right?

He is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and investor. He came into the online business from 2015 and now, He is living his life around the Jets, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mansion, and the list goes on and on.

Entrepreneur magazine listed him as no. 1 in top 9 social media strategists to watch in 2017. This list includes big names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Entrepreneur magazine also mentioned him in their article How 3 Social Superstars Build Huge Following Fast and How Tai Lopez Took Over Social Media.

Let’s look at some remarkable points about him. Which are…

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

You may find him quite controversial on the web. Few people are saying that Tai Lopez is the scam or he is not legit. But they have the misconception about him. Please do not mislead by them.

He is a master when it comes to social media marketing.

And he is ready to teach his excellent art with the medium of his social media marketing agency program.

Why not learn from the best social media marketer who is on the top?


3. SMMA 2.0 Is An Extraordinary Social Media Marketing Program.

35000+ Members

700+ success stories.

Top students are running 7 figure business.

Hundreds of students are running 6 figure business.

Thousands of students are 100% satisfied.

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 3a


And the list goes on and on…

Tai Lopez claims that he’ll teach you how to start a social media agency company. He will show you the method that how you can make $1,000 – $10,000 per month by helping other local businesses with their social media.

This program aims to get you through the process of getting your first client, step-by-step, within 120 days.

SMMA will save lots of time, energy and money because Tai had already invested more than 20 million dollars to find out Tested, Proven, & Improved social media marketing strategies which work.

SMMA will advise you to not charging low fees or hourly fees for your services and create big packages ($1K to $10K per month). So you can attract high-end clients who are ready to commit with you to pay you and love doing business with you because of the service and results you offer to them.

In the result, SMMA enables you to work fewer hours per day and to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

4. SMMA 2.0 Is The Fantastic Step By Step Digital Marketing Bundle.

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 4

Social Media Marketing Agency is a four-month step by step program. There are  80+ Tutorial Videos and each video includes templates, checklists, and guides to help you implement what you will learn.

Month 1- Business Set-Up

In the first month of your training, you will learn to pick your niche, form your company, pricing strategy, building a website, proven ways to find out clients and get started with practicing social media marketing in your own business.

Month 2- Mastering Social Media Marketing

Then in the second month, you will learn Twitter marketing, Instagram Growth Hacks, Advanced YouTube and Instagram Marketing, Social Media Copywriting Tips, Email Marketing, Going Viral on Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, Snapchat marketing and much more.

Month 3- Acquiring Clients

Now, once you are ready with your system so in the third month you will learn the best ways to acquire high-value customers including Local Agency Marketing Methods, Sales Strategies, Telemarketing, and Phone Sales, The Art of Negotiation, Sales Process and furthermore.

You will be provided the checklist of businesses you can contact, in addition to giving you scripts which will help you to get the deal done.

Month 4- Automating, Servicing and Building Your Team

And in the last month, you will learn how to service your customers, build your team, and automate your workflow. This last month is all about making your service-based business as “hands-free” as possible, so you can make more money without adding lots of time-consuming work.

As you see SMMA 2.0 is the complete program from 0% to 100%

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5. Access To The Helpful Past Call Archives And Lifestyle Bonuses For 10X Growth

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 5

As you become the proud member of the social media marketing agency 2.0 program, apart from the four months of training you have lifetime access to many other helpful things.

The Vault- Past calls archive is the video archives of past weekly SMMA live calls. Some of the topics are as mentioned here.

  • How I Built A Profitable Business In 2 Months
  • How to Create Viral Content and Build Social Influence
  • Social Media Hacks
  • Get Your 1st High-Ticket Client In 30 Days Using Facebook
  • How to Close Clients & Build Relationships
  • Leveraging Video to Attract Perfect Clients into Your Business
  • How to Scale Your Digital Marketing
  • How to Bring in More Clients
  • Build a 6-Figure Drop-shipping Business In 5 Weeks
  • How to Continuously Grow Your Agency

SMMA Lifestyle bonus videos are some extra powerful learning materials for the massive growth of your social media marketing agency. Few of the topics are as mentioned here.

  • How to Build A Cool Lifestyle
  • Apps for Content Creation and Growth Tracking
  • Building and Promoting Pages
  • Acquiring Customers & Scaling Your Agency
  • Instant Google SEO Ranking
  • How to Attract Massive Audiences
  • How to Get Featured on Large Publications

6. Become A Member Of The Highly Active Private Community And Adopt A Lifestyle

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 6

The SMMA private community is the highly-active community of like-minded people who have already done SMMA training. You can communicate with thousands of people interacting daily and start a discussion to get helpful answers.

You get official certification from Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program. This certification has a high value in the digital marketing world.

7. Most Valuable New Bonuses Available For Fast-Action Takers Like You

7 Reasons Why Tai's SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now Reason 7


For the first 20 buyers today, they will be given 1 free ticket to a Tai Lopez in-person training event. This free ticket will be valid for an entire year. The value of this bonus is $1,200-$1,400.


As we talked about the vault and private community access, you’ll get invited to our SMMA Private Tribe group, so you can get support from other members in the program. Every day SMMA members are helping each other builds their agencies. Whenever you have any question or if you need motivation just post in the group. There’s already an archive of tips, videos, and success stories in the group that are worth at least $1,997.


After you’ve completed your 4 months, and received your certification, your name and contact info will be added to a site dedicated to social media experts trained with this program. This way, whenever someone is looking for a social media expert, you’ll have your name featured on a site that’s supported by our brand.

So, these are the seven reasons Why Tai’s SMMA Is The Best Opportunity Right Now!

At the end of this article, your guts should have taken the decision, right?


Everyday price of Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program is $5685. Because of launching period of SMMA 2.0 after adding more value to SMMA It’s just $697 or 4x payments of $199.

Just do not waste time!

Act quickly to get more and more benefits from this opportunity right now!


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